29 August 2009

saturday morning = farmer's market...

Every Saturday morning, rain or shine -- today it was rain (and autumnal) -- I go to the local farmers market. It is a lovely one with mostly fruit/vegetable farmers and few crafters.

I'm not necessarily opposed to crafters at farmers markets, but some of the ones I have been to in the past are more craft fairs than food sales.

So I suppose you are wondering why there is a skein of yarn showing off on the side of the page in a post about farmers markets...Let me explain.

Tucked away in a light traffic area of the market, was a hand-spinner. A solitary lady with her wheel and several baskets of finished yarns. Social person that I am, I struck up conversation with her to find that she is a spinner much like me...not one to join a guild, mostly spinning just for the calm it brings. It was fun to talk with her...I took her calling card and bought a skein of yarn to make a knit cap -- melon in color just to keep with the theme of the market. If I had had needles with me, I would have started right there -- the weather here today is not at all typical of an late August day but much more like wool wearing weather. It was an impulse purchase, but when I get that hat done and place it on my head, I will certainly remember this particular Saturday morning!


stash haus said...

Lovely color! What's the fiber content?

Does she have a website? No fair keeping her all to yourself. ;-)

-va- said...

It's all wool from her neighbors sheep...it was the only one that was melon. I dont think she has a website, only an email address. She really inspired me to get my wheels out again...I plan a major dust and oil up fest to get them in order again! Maybe with the transition I'm in, I'll have more time to spin up MY stash...its a woolly mess in my closet!

-va- said...

Ugh! ...I mean Update... I knit up a hat pattern that was meant to be felted, and I should have stopped before I threw it in the wash, frogged it and start over really...but the temptation and thought of it looking better once really fulled and finished took over. I should have listened to the good angel cause it looks like crap, fits like crap and it is, well crap...not sure what to do with it excepting make dog toys out of it -- what a waste of good yarn!