22 May 2011

I'm sensing a pattern here...

...I wanted to sit down an do a post about what was on my mind this morning, and realize it was going to be about how this spring morning have my senses reeling yet again.  I'm on my patio with my compulsory cup of coffee, enjoying Deutsches Schlagermusik, morning sunshine, the fresh air and spring blossoms every where.  I'll soon pick up a bit of knitting to complete this moment of bliss ...  *big smile* 
  I am not normally a morning person, but so much was going on later today that will monopolize my time that I felt restless upon waking.  Usually I have a hard time getting moving, but something in me just "turned on" this morning.  Got a big turkey in the oven, got the wash going, got the stray dishes done, swept floors and then thought some morning patio time was in order before the second wave of activity hit.  Not to mention that the house was ALL mine!  Only a sleepy dog to tend to, or more accurately NOT tend to...  *another big smile*
  This afternoon will be the beginning of a busy week.  The last concert of the school year starts it all off.  Following later in the week is work, car recall repair, vet appointment, tutoring lesson, more work, dentist appointment, yet more work...and that is just what I KNOW is scheduled.  That of course is interspersed with housework (that cleaning fairy never seems to make her scheduled appointments here!)...oh, but don't think there will be no fun activity.  Looking forward to a luncheon with "the Brit girls", a coffee out while that car is being looked at, and a visit to the farmers market (all whilst knitting is getting done I hope) So, there always seems to be a bit of balance -- even though I let the responsibility side get a bit heavy, in my mind anyways.
  It is an amazing thing that a simple sit on the porch on a sunny spring morning surrounded by my favorite things can bring that all to light...my life is good...

20 May 2011

...wisdom of Oscar

"Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul."
  Surely the dear Mr. Wilde had my magnolias in mind when he wrote this...as well as the aromatic cup of coffee this morning while seated on the patio of Alterra at the Lake watching the eerie fog hovering on the other side of the Lake Drive.  I think ALL the senses were on heightened alerts today.  And this did make for a lovely day!  ...Schlagermusik (yes, a weird little pleasure of mine...), language homework, sitting at my fav cafe, great weather, wine later on my front porch with my dog restlessly watching birds and sniffing the air.  It was all so simple, so wonderful.  Just the other day, a good friend posted on her facebook status something about all the little things she encountered during a routine day.  It really made a lot of people rise to the occasion and comment about how they, we, usually miss these little things.  I try not to...yet I still do, because my over-active sense of responsibility tends to force me to stress unnecessarily.  Life is too short...even when we are granted a long life in the terms of the normal human being in these times.  We should stop and smell the magnolias!

03 May 2011

...r.i.p. Uncle

...the music will live on.  I will never listen to those tunes the same way.  I can still sing all the words!  ...a white sport coat, and a pink carnation...peggy sue...ring of fire...tiny bubbles...unchained melody...all the buddy holly, patsy cline, everly brothers...I could go on all night.  I will carry everyone of those songs in my heart.  Grandpa was a part of it.  My dad, my brothers, my cousins, all a part of it, playing together at your lead.  I will miss the silenced voice, but it lives on in my head and in my heart!

01 May 2011

...fun and frivolity!

Some how, in the course of my recent rash of life changing moments, I have become acquainted with and quite attached to a group of women from the UK all living here in the metro area.  Well, that "some how" actually has a name -- S.W.  Since meeting her (and then "losing her" to a job transfer...), I have had the pleasure of being adopted into her friend circle.  And this adoption has led to a hidden secret bit of Brit  making itself known...go figure!  From teas to curries...ales to bickies -- (um, not the Australian ones...) its been here in my house all along and I feel very comfortable with them and adore their quickly growing friendships.

As a group, it really all started with the Eurovision Song Contest Gathering 2010.  A hoot of a time...The latest group get together was yesterday's tape delayed viewing of the Royal Wedding.  The company, as always was grand.  The required hats even grander.  And oh, the MENU!  What actually I believe, started as a "bring a bit of food over" turned into the Royal Buffet itself!  JW did her homework and prepared several items from the official menu, very well done, I might add.  The Cadbury Awards for hats was lovely, the Pom and Prosecco was free flowing and the wedding commentary far better than any we were listening to on the broadcast -- either of them CBS or BBC!
 We all had such fun, it left us asking what the next grand event will be to prompt another gathering such as this...Eurovision 2011???