30 December 2011

...focus, back on track...?

Just finished reading a friend's blog with comments about the upcoming new year and the resolutions people make when they sense its looming presence.  To paraphrase her post, "I'm not really a resolution maker"...but I'll admit it is difficult to pass yet another small milestone without at least thinking about how I can better myself in the coming year.
I look back just a short while ago, well a few years anyhow, and I am a bit amazed at what I have accomplished.  Its big things, personal things that I never thought I could achieve.  I am more organized.  I keep a cleaner house.  I am working two jobs outside the house -- both very rewarding and enjoyable.  I am transitioning from teen mum to mum of young adults.  There are little things, designing three original knitting patterns, coaching kids practices on my own, cooking from scratch more often.
Oh, but there are the improvements...more exercise, better eating, letting go of stuff, better use of time, more time with husband, more time with good friends, more organized, less procrastination, cleaner house, oh the list goes on...
It is always amazing to me how much more there is to do on this side of life.  Frustrating to be sure.  I will never be perfect, I will never achieve all that in my mind needs to be done.  But I am going to be resolute in this alone:  I WILL not worry about it.  I will not get down on myself for back-steps, or fear of moving forward.  I WILL be positive and go with ease....yeah right.