21 September 2011

...my first "official" designs

Moose Toque

St. Pauli Fan Mütze

Baby Jacket
 While I have actually been designing knit and crochet pieces since I can remember, I have not -- until now -- written them in a form where they could be shared and duplicated by other interested fiber folk.  These are the first three pieces I have worked up and notated in a form that can be understood by most people with even basic knitting skills.  I am still working on wording them in a more standard form (i.e.; the proper language of knitting -- sort of like the King's English or High German of the knitting world!) so that I might actually have a form that could be published "for real".  Perhaps I will even submit them to who knows and see what happens...


  Ok.  So the reason for starting this blog long ago was to somehow chronical the jouney from mere knitter to designer...(mind you, I am not stating here "published" designer...wink!)
Its time to post my first three "official" designs.  The patterns are in written form (HANDwritten) and ready enough for anyone else who would care to work them up...although I must admit they are very personal designs and I am not sure just WHO would really be interested in the first place.
But I am going on the advise of a very good friend and taking the leap to put these out there for people to see.
  My first step to "going public" was to set up a Facebook page...yeah, really.  I was pretty sure my friends would be there to sort of stroke my ego enough to prod me on.  I may consider Etsy or some similar site in the future, but first things first.  I have to make these patterns look like something people would actually like to purchase. 
  That is the part that makes me procrastinate (well, along with a few other reasons...but that's another blog post) My computer skills are limited.  I'm sort of kicking myself, as I had actually had a chance to learn the publishing and set up skills I would need to produce professional looking documents.  Way back when I had gone to art school, digital was the "new way", now it is the norm.  I left graphic design because I did not WANT to do computers, I wanted to draw with pencils and pens, and conte crayons and crayola crayons...Now I could use some of those computer skills I would have learned -- oh well, maybe someday...
  I've given the concept a name -- Hübsch Handknits.  It combines my love for the german language and knitting.  It translates "lovely" Handknits.  I am striving to make sure that each finished piece is just that, a lovely handknit.