27 March 2011

...eight years is just too long

...but when it is a true friend, there is not a hint of guilt, just happiness when the reunion occurs!  It is a true friend who you can sit and talk with for hours about all the good things happening in each others lives and not compete for who is better off.  It is a true friend who can help you sort out the mistakes you made and come up with ideas on how to overcome your weaknesses.  It is a true friend who can help you discover your strengths and suggest ways to develop them.  It is a true friend who asks questions in genuine interest and does not interrogate.  What a beautiful gift it is to have a true friend!  ...you know who you are...

...times have changed, life has changed

...so when did I go from a person who had great ideas and plans to one who puts those ideas and plans into action?
I spent my years until 40 living life...well maybe not living...thinking I was not good enough to accomplish some of the things I really wanted to do.
Recently, I have been a bit introspective about those years.  Now mind you, they were not bad years by any means!  I had everything I could have ever needed and more than most.  Strong faith, loving parents, fun friends...activities abounded, I tried it all...or at least anything that presented itself.  I did not always go out of the box to search for things.  I took what life gave me and reacted to it. 
Things seem different now.  I tend to look for what could be done, seek it out and take the risk to try it.  I dont always succeed, but that does not stop me from trying like it did in my first 40 years.
Its not easy to make this change -- sometimes I revert back to "old ways" because of a bit of self doubt.
...but sometimes all it takes is a good friend to get you back on track...

13 March 2011

...interesting turn of events

...so this may be my future...