27 March 2011

...times have changed, life has changed

...so when did I go from a person who had great ideas and plans to one who puts those ideas and plans into action?
I spent my years until 40 living life...well maybe not living...thinking I was not good enough to accomplish some of the things I really wanted to do.
Recently, I have been a bit introspective about those years.  Now mind you, they were not bad years by any means!  I had everything I could have ever needed and more than most.  Strong faith, loving parents, fun friends...activities abounded, I tried it all...or at least anything that presented itself.  I did not always go out of the box to search for things.  I took what life gave me and reacted to it. 
Things seem different now.  I tend to look for what could be done, seek it out and take the risk to try it.  I dont always succeed, but that does not stop me from trying like it did in my first 40 years.
Its not easy to make this change -- sometimes I revert back to "old ways" because of a bit of self doubt.
...but sometimes all it takes is a good friend to get you back on track...

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