20 May 2011

...wisdom of Oscar

"Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul."
  Surely the dear Mr. Wilde had my magnolias in mind when he wrote this...as well as the aromatic cup of coffee this morning while seated on the patio of Alterra at the Lake watching the eerie fog hovering on the other side of the Lake Drive.  I think ALL the senses were on heightened alerts today.  And this did make for a lovely day!  ...Schlagermusik (yes, a weird little pleasure of mine...), language homework, sitting at my fav cafe, great weather, wine later on my front porch with my dog restlessly watching birds and sniffing the air.  It was all so simple, so wonderful.  Just the other day, a good friend posted on her facebook status something about all the little things she encountered during a routine day.  It really made a lot of people rise to the occasion and comment about how they, we, usually miss these little things.  I try not to...yet I still do, because my over-active sense of responsibility tends to force me to stress unnecessarily.  Life is too short...even when we are granted a long life in the terms of the normal human being in these times.  We should stop and smell the magnolias!

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