01 May 2011

...fun and frivolity!

Some how, in the course of my recent rash of life changing moments, I have become acquainted with and quite attached to a group of women from the UK all living here in the metro area.  Well, that "some how" actually has a name -- S.W.  Since meeting her (and then "losing her" to a job transfer...), I have had the pleasure of being adopted into her friend circle.  And this adoption has led to a hidden secret bit of Brit  making itself known...go figure!  From teas to curries...ales to bickies -- (um, not the Australian ones...) its been here in my house all along and I feel very comfortable with them and adore their quickly growing friendships.

As a group, it really all started with the Eurovision Song Contest Gathering 2010.  A hoot of a time...The latest group get together was yesterday's tape delayed viewing of the Royal Wedding.  The company, as always was grand.  The required hats even grander.  And oh, the MENU!  What actually I believe, started as a "bring a bit of food over" turned into the Royal Buffet itself!  JW did her homework and prepared several items from the official menu, very well done, I might add.  The Cadbury Awards for hats was lovely, the Pom and Prosecco was free flowing and the wedding commentary far better than any we were listening to on the broadcast -- either of them CBS or BBC!
 We all had such fun, it left us asking what the next grand event will be to prompt another gathering such as this...Eurovision 2011???


stash haus said...

How I envy you - the next best thing to sleeping out on the Mall for 3 days with a bunch of mates to catch a glimpse of the couple on their way to Buckingham.

It was BBC - all day(s) for this. But no hats or Cadbury milk here. :-(

stash haus said...

PS - it would take a major moment of British history (as I call it) to put the NFL draft to second place in the Haus. DH was not amused.

-va- said...

mine took a glance and said he was "proud to be a member of the commonwealth" then went back to the draft...with little interest in so much the draft as the hype to keep him watching said draft...
it was hillarious!