13 August 2009

Sam's Oktoberfest Jacke...

Besides its appearance on Ravelry, this is the first glimpse of the first pattern I wish to officially publish. I made this for my friend's newly adopted son, Sam. Her husband has a very strong german heritage. They enjoy the festivals (we have many in our area) and often dress in Tracht (german ethnic costume) when they attend.

I have had the idea for this in my head since my own son was little. We hit the same festivals all decked out as well. But when the baby you want to knit for is your own, there is usually little time to actually pull off such things. Now that my babies are teenagers, I have more time to do the detailed work it takes to design, produce and publish the patterns for all those ideas. I am very excited about this!

It was very rewarding to be complimented by Sam's Oma -- a seamstress by trade -- who is known to be a stickler for details and good construction. I have been really working on perfecting my finishing techniques. It seems that no matter how well you work up the pieces, if it goes together badly, all the hard work is in vain.

I must say, the idea of putting something out into the public world for all to see and critique is a nerve wracking proposition that I am finally ready to attack. I hope I am on to something here!


stash haus said...

Love that jacket! The cuteness of it is unbearable.

And you're right about the finishing techniques. I'm still trying to improve mine.

-va- said...

Wait until you see it on Sam! I'm supposed to be getting pictures when it gets cooler!