27 August 2009

it is too quiet around here...

I watched my kids drive off --DRIVE off -- for school this morning. No bus to catch, no carpool to hook up with, just a kiss on the cheek from each (yes, even the boy) and off they DROVE. I guess it really hit me just where we all are in life. My role is really changing this year and it hit me like test car dummies hit the windshield as I saw them leave.
More independence for them means more independence for me. I hope to use this "extra" time wisely. But because it is so fresh, I am not exactly sure what to do with my day today...so I chose laundry. Nice, eh? But I did start it off with a coffee in the company of a good friend. I am just stabbing at the clouds right now, but I am betting that good friends like these will be a most important part of transitioning into the next phase.
I am planning on working up three fronts to tackle. These have been back-burnered for some time now. Number one -- more fiber time... Number two -- german language skills need a brush up... Number three -- music practice, particularly on a very special concertina... These of course among the regular tasks of the day, which I am hoping spur less stress than in recent past. Being a slave to non-driving teen-ager's schedules puts a vice to the amount of time one has in a day.
One thing for sure -- if I need it, I will have time to join my white furry friend in a most welcome activity, the power nap!


Hanna said...

Ich freue mich schon auf Fotos von deinen Handarbeiten. Ich hoffe, du veroeffentlichst die Fotos in deinem Blog! Ist das Foto oben auch von einer Kreation von dir? Diese grau-gruenen cables? Oder wie auch immer die heissen?

-va- said...

Vielen Dank!

Ja, das ist eine Weste daß ich gemacht habe. Du kannst sie auf "Ravelry" anschauen. Sie war eine "Sommeraufgabe". Ich kann nicht warten, sie diesen Herbst zu tragen!