16 January 2011

...wow! Has it REALLY been that long?

...I am sooooo surprised that no one has actually lost their life!  I am coming off of a VERY long dry spell of needle-less activity.  I've been getting my "career" in order, my social schedule more balanced with my "responsibility schedule".  Then the holidays just fell into the mix.  That is what brought the needles out of the dusty vase where they reside these days.  Granted the knitting was not the PLEASURE knitting I would have hoped for.  It was gift knitting -- a different creature altogether. 
  Now, don't get me wrong.  I don't mean to say I hate knitting for other people, its just a different mind set from the start.  Deadlines, preferences of others over personal creativity and the like sometimes makes gift knitting more of a "job" than my regular knitting.  I'm still finishing off a gift or two, but it is more like "request" knitting.  A scarf for "the boy" (soon to be "the man" -- whoa!) is what I'm working on right now. 
  I just really wanted to post to let any stray soul who might happen to actually follow this blog know that I'm still alive...bordering on the insanity that mid-winter in the northern Midwest USA brings...

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stash haus said...

Welcome back!!!

Nothing like a nice snowstorm on a Monday. At least it's federal holiday, which means I can work from home today instead of trekking out in this stuff. A run to the grocery store 6 blocks away was about as much excitement on the roads as I can handle.