27 January 2011

...dali, what a head trip

...HAD to check out the new and improved Dali Museum in St. Pete's.  Wow, this has to be one of the most fantastic museums I've been in.  I did not think they could make it better than the old place, but they did.  More prints/paitings/drawings etc...than the other.  It was wonderous and head-spinning.  Each one more bizzar than the next.  I absolutely loved it.  The new building was fantastic, but for some odd reason we could not find the entrance on the first try!  It was only obviously marked with an arrow showing it, but yet we walked the perimeter of the building.  It was worth the trek around.  The grounds are well designed -- the rocks (I did not get a photo -- why I did not think of it is beyond me...) looked just like ones Dali had painted in many paintings.  It didnt hit me until we were through a better part of the gallery.  Came home with a few goodies from the gift shop to savor the memory...

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