23 January 2011

...on the road

...leave at midnight, drive like crazy until 1pm, find hotel, watch game.  This was the start to our get-a-way.  We made it to Beckly, WV, we are in a cozy hotel, well fed, drinking beer and its half time (we are ahead 14-0!)  Kiddos are holding down the fort (we hope - also, have oma and opa's help with this one -- LOVE them!)
Long car rides ALWAYS mean knitting projects -- especially winter driving.  Its a great distraction for me so I don't slam on the phantom breaks floor side passenger seat!  This time, though, I was the driver for the snowy part of the trip -- ugh!  Thank God it only lasted a few miles...freak squall.  I have finished Jack's scarf request and have supplies for three projects - pair of socks, pair of leggings and a beauty of a sweater.  Let's see where that goes, eh? 

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