30 May 2010


...those who died for our freedoms.

Now days it seems there is much debate over freedom. What is freedom is worth? Do the conflicts and wars we are fighting really affect our freedoms and in what ways? Just what should we be free to do? Aren't we free already? And so it goes...I dont have the answers.  I'm not necessarily writing here to start more debate...perhaps just to provoke you, the reader to thought...what do YOU believe?  Now permit me to ask, are you trying to ramrod it against someone elses beliefs, or are you listening and trying to understand why that person across the aisle believes the way they do?  You see, DEBATE is all well and good - a starting point for action...but we cannot get to action with out understanding.   
I believe that war starts because of selfishness and greed. I do not know that we will ever be rid of it, because we will never be rid of selfishness and greed.
I do not believe there is such a thing as a JUST war.  Greed and selfishness are just plain wrong.  But I do believe there is reason and necessity to fight in wars because greed and selfishness exist.  
I believe we should exercise great caution when making the decision to enter into conflict, then go confidently should that be the decision.
I believe our country has a military full of dedicated men and women ready at a moments notice to protect what ever any one believes to be THEIR FREEDOMS...even when it conflicts with their own beliefs.  That to me is simply amazing.
Thank you to those who have given their lives in service to this country -- whether it was their choice, or it was chosen for them...so that I can write freely about what I believe.

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