30 December 2009

the mad hatter's holiday hoopla...

Some people bake cookies.  Some people decorate.  Some people shop like crazy.  I knit.  It would not be Christmas for me with out a mad rush to knit something for everyone on my gift list.  Its not a long list (thank God) but enough to create a bit of storm before the calm.
  Christmas 2009 was the season of the hat.  The nieces and nephews got matching millinery.  Each a different colorway -- they looked great sporting them Oma & Opa's chesterfield (that one's for you Els).  I always wonder how these homemade gifts will be received, after all its not related to the DS, or Wii.  You dont plug them in, charge them up or find any buttons for perpetually pushing.  And yet every year, the knit goods are genuinely well received...this year to the point of not being able to get a couple of them to remove them for eating dessert!
  Opa has discovered Marley, as in Bob...he is practicing the bass parts on all the songs in his free time.  He is talking about the music he will hear on an upcoming cruise.   Well, his Enkelin decided that he needed to sport a new look for his new music genre infatuation, so we collaborated on a project.  I hear this headgear is being packed for said cruise!
  Again, Crazy Auntie V has found pleasure in giving the simple gifts, with the children's genuine happiness in the receiving of practical presents...

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