30 December 2009

...back on the blog!

'tis true.  I'm back to bloggin'.  Although most know me as a person who usually has too much to say, I have not felt the inclination to tell it to the world, so to speak.  Perhaps it is hibernation mode -- its that time of the year that the woodburner is going 24/7 and I am in front of it most of that time! 
  Although I do not enjoy being cold inside my house, I love winter.  I just love a fresh blanket of snow.  To walk in that first good layer is a most wonderful thing.  If you get up early enough following an overnight storm, there is nothing more peaceful than being outside, nothing moving; so still, so clean.  Got yet another chance to experience it this week with 10 inches dumped on us on Tuesday night.
  Usually after our first snow, there comes the deep freeze.  This week was no exception.  It was so cold, you could smell the chill on your clothes when you came inside.  That's right -- smell cold.  Weird.  I always find it a personal challenge to be the "master" over winter.  I dont want it to get the better of me, it somehow seems like I'm more hardy than anyone who doesnt have to deal with such weather conditions...and these below zero (really way below zero) days give me the chance to bring out the survivor side of my being.
  So we have made it through Christmas, a very rainy Christmas (previous to the rain was 3-4 inches of heavy, wet snow)...but even though we had enough precipitaion to cause over 2 feet of snow if it had been cold enough, it was not enough to melt all that snow we got a couple of weeks ago!  It didnt dampen the spirits of the hardy germans of St. Michaelis though.  The family decided to go to german church with me for Christmas Eve services.  It meets at a local college chapel...so picture this...a campus shut down for break, a miscommunication for the service to unlock doors for Gottesdienst, drive, lots and sidewalks not cleared and 20 little old germans trying to get to church!  Oh my, when things don't run smoothly... 
  We finally got in, and attended one of the nicest christmas services we have ever been to.  Even my non-german speaking husband listed as one of the best parts of Christmas.  I have a long but sporatic 15 year history with these wonderful people.  They have become a very important part to my life recently.  It started as an effort to work on my dwindling language skills.  I had no idea how mingling, with this little, dedicated group would affect me in so many other ways.  Yes, my german is getting better -- understanding is really good, speaking is slowly coming back -- they have shown to be very patient with my stumbling tongue!
  Maybe in the spirit of the new year I can be more disciplined with my language practice, my blogging time, eating healthier, losing a few pounds, being a nicer person, etc...

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stash haus said...

Glad to see you back.

I love that first snow, too. Until you have to shovel it.

Love the hats!!!