28 March 2010

...monkey business

...so this is the little guy that might just jump start my swing into spring.  I bought this pattern and proper yarn for my friend Pen as a birthday gift.  She is a knitter with a sense of humor to be sure.  Of course being the woman of action she is, she got the Marley version (dreds and all) made up in a matter of days, posted him on FB and everyone who saw it just RAVED about him.  Decided that if Pen could whip one up, so could I.  But being the "anarchist" that I am (I put that in quotes because by some standards I dont even come close to outside the box...) I never really knit to the pattern...I made a smaller version. 
I knit, usually out of necessity.  This need called for a gift...yes, Sarah, if you are reading this it will be NO surprise.  But it just felt so good to finish a project that I had to blog about it.  In my last post, I spoke of only thoughts of action...this post is about ACTION.
After spending a winter apart from one of the people who really pushed me into action, I have realized how important it is to me to have someone like this (besides my DH)  "in my world".  And of course, just when I thought this would be a rarity for some time, in walks another driving force...Thanks for dropping in and sticking around Erin!  I appreciate the focus you help me achieve, as well as inspiring that jump start...
Habits are hard to break, but every day I strive to do better than the last.  Its all I can ask for...to expect miracles would be insane, and would only frustrate me...real goals...that's what I strive for...
ps...good-bye useless crystal!!!

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stash haus said...

OMG, how I love those dreds!