09 September 2009

Summer vacation, finally...

This was the first time in over 40 years that I have not made a summer vacation trip to "the cottage".  Well almost.  I have been going there since conception and this year, due to many circumstances, we were not able to get there until Labor Day weekend.  But got there we did.
It was an absolutely beautiful weekend in so many ways.  The weather was good.  The company was good.  The activities, or lack of them were good.  The fishing, well depending upon who you might ask...
All four of us were able to get up there to hang with my parents.  We fit everything we would do on a week's vacation into a long weekend.  Among the activities were things like, reading, knitting, golfing, walking, skiing, fishing, swimming, boat rides, campfires, beer, wine, ice cream, nightly cookouts, full breakfasts, bad tv, napping, bloody marys, s'mores and so much more than I can think of at this moment.
The new boat was a hit.  We got the swim raft in.  My bro's boat trailer is in working order.  And the only moment of panic was when the holding tank warning light came on -- Hey do you HAVE to flush that toilet????  HA!  All in all, a very relaxing weekend...is summer really over?

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