04 February 2011

...for future reference

 ...honestly, european knitting patterns can be so frustrating when you are used to the format and wording of american knitting patterns.  While every detail and every stitch are right there in black and white, there is no "hand-holding".  Its usually all pictures, which is GREAT for a backwards knitter like me, but in the case of the sweater I have just started I am encountering a "word" explanation of the set up row just does not seem to match up with the "picture" explanation of the cable pattern.  I am wracking my brain trying to figure it out.  Looking at the photos of the finished sweater, it really seems obvious how it should set up, and yet my eyes do not see it.  I know I will be a smarter knitter when the light bulb turns on, but until I reach that point, I could just scream, cry, rip my hair out, kick something...but of course that will not solve my problem.  Why the rant?  Well, I've been pushing around the idea of writing up patterns for some of the designs in my sketchbook...swatching, developing and putting to paper the imaginings I've recorded in it.  The frustrations I am finding with the format of this euro-pattern cannot be repeated in what I put together.  It is showing me aspects of conveying details needed to repeat the design and how it should, or should not be done.  I need to use the information I glean from attacking this fabulous pattern to make my pattern, readable, and thus doable.   

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